How Much Money Do Cam Girls Make?

One of the big questions anyone interested in getting into the webcam model business is how much money they are going to make as a cam girl.

Much like other entertainers, a cam model will be responsible for putting on a show to increase their audience and attract returning followers. Most of the cam sites available will drive some viewers to your chatroom, but it will be up to you to keep them engaged and ultimately get them to spend money to see you perform.

To be a successful cam model you have to let your personality shine and play towards what your viewers want. Many camgirls fail because they view the profession as a quick strip on camera, which makes the performance feel rushed and impersonal.

To earn a lot, it’s about more than just undressing for your audience. You will be directly interacting with the audience and in the best-case scenario, you’ll be interacting with a single client in highly paid private chats. Making sure the setting in which you are performing looks comfortable and inviting is an important first step into increasing your earnings as a cam girl. There are many niche fetishes that can attract a wide variety of viewers to your chat. Pick your niche and get into character. Your personality will help keep your viewers engaged and will ensure your success as a cam girl.

How much money can you make on

When you are first starting out as a cam girl on Chaturbate things will be slow at first. Viewers will have to get to know you first. You must make sure to engage with everyone in your chatroom and teasing them only ups the desire for them to spend money to see more. On you make money by earning tokens that viewers buy.

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The site takes a 50% cut of your earnings but don’t let that discourage you. Most web cam girls make around $20-$50 a day starting out and that’s just for performing for an hour or less. Once you have established your viewership and become listed higher on the featured listing your viewership will start increasing. After just a few weeks most cam girls will make anywhere from $50-$150 a show and if you listen to the feed back of your viewers you can easily reach the point where you are making more than $400 per show. A lot of cam girls have proven earnings of $3000+ per month by doing daily shows and special fetish events such as dressing up as a sorority girl, the girl next door and dozens of other options. Some models achieve earning well over $20,000 a month.

How much money can you make on is another great site for getting into cam modeling. It boasts more viewers than any other cam site with more than 20 Million members. The top earning models on earn more than $50,000 a month and thousands of models earn over $10,000 a month. When you are first starting out on you should expect to make anywhere from $30-$100 a day until you build a following and make it onto the featured page. After a few weeks of being a webcam model you can easily expect to pull in earning of over $1000 a month. The more research you do into improving your performance the higher your earning will be. With the right personality, looks and schedule you could become the next top earning Web cam girl on

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What is the Average pay for webcam models?

Although most webcam models earn far less than the average amount a persistent web cam girl will earn on average of $35,000 a year. To reach those average earnings cam girls perform on average about 3 hours a day. The average hourly earnings for a cam girl are $35 per hour.

How much do the top earners make?

The top earning cam girl’s salary vary from site to site. One of the higher earning cam girls, Nikki Night, was once interviewed for a Forbes article. Her earning reached $350 an hour and with a busy performance schedule as well as doing private cam shows she earned anywhere from $30,000-$50,000 a month. In order to get into the top 20 ranking of a cam girl will need to earn $30,000 a month. The top 100 requires a cam girl to make $16,000 a month. If you make it into the top 5 ranking you will earn about $100,000 a month. Becoming a top earning web cam model requires work and dedication just like any other job. With a little luck and lots of hard work a cam girl could be earning over $1 Million each year.