Best Places To Meet Girls, Date Women Near Me

Are you tired of going to bars and competing for women? You want to find out where girls can meet you where there is little or no competition? This video is for YOU.

The best dating and sex websites where people are having fun:

  1. Adult Friend Finder (Hookup and Dating)
  2. Ashley Madison ( Personal Hookup and Dating)
  3. Passion (Sex Hookup and Dating)
  4. No String Attached (Hookup and Dating)
  5. Adult Sex Finder (Casual Sex Dating)
  6. Cams ( Sex Chatting Online)
  7. Horny Dating
  8. Swap Finder
  9. E Z Dating

I will show you the best places to meet women and give you the best chance of meeting them!


Most guys do this wrong with their dating lives. I once heard someone tell me that a bookstore is the most difficult place to sell books. Why? Because you’re competing with all the books. It’s possible, although I’m not sure, that this is true in regards to dating. You are competing with other guys if you go to bars, clubs, or search online.

Instead, make it easier to meet women by goinging where there’s littleto none competition.


Many guys take a shotgun approach when it comes to dating. They end up choosing women they don’t like. If you ask any business success how they find customers, they will tell you that they use a specific method to target the most compatible demographic who are likely to want to purchase their product. View dating in the same way. This will allow you to meet and date the women you really want. You’ll then be ready to approach a girl, sparking that attraction.

What is your target audience? Are you able to clearly define the type of women you are looking for? If you are not into party girls, then you shouldn’t be looking for women in bars or clubs.

Ask these questions first:

  • What should her age be?
  • Are you looking for a girl who is a party animal? Maybe a little bit of both
  • Are you looking for an active girl who plays sports?
  • What education level should she have?
  • Are you a health nut? Maybe she should be.
  • Are you looking for her to be driven and ambitious?

Understanding your ideal girl’s qualities will allow you to find her hangout . Some locations may appeal to you, while others might not.

Before I share my top picks, let me tell you: Optimize your Lifestyle is one of the best ways to meet more women.

Live in communities with the women that you want to meet. You’ll be more likely to see them in your daily life. This will dramatically increase the number of women that you meet.



These girls are great if you like athletic and flexible girls. These girls love nature, health, energy work, tantra and chakra clearing, as well as other forms of self-development.


You should make sure you are going to places you love, not just to see more pretty girls. You will be more successful if you have fun.


Do you have a dog? Go here. It will be easier to approach her because you already have something in common.

This is My good friend Vince Kelvin gave me one of my favorite openers to a girl and her dog.


Do you buy groceries? She probably does, especially if she’s health conscious. Whole Foods is a good option. My experience is that a health food store has more beautiful girls than Walmart and Piggly Wiggly.


Do you enjoy reading or working on your laptop? You should go to a coffee shop. Hot women love Starbucks. It’s a fashion.

For a few hours, you can sit in the middle of everyone and wait for the lady you want to meet.

You can acknowledge that she is reading, or working, even if she’s not. But I wanted to quickly say “hi em”


Look for the gym that has beautiful women. Remember that they aren’t there to chat at the gym so keep it brief and sweet.

To make her feel deeply attracted, use our “Complimentary, Qualify and Close” process in just 3 minutes.


Most cooking classes are filled with women. It’s best to have women over men, as they will fight you.


This is the place for you if music is your passion. There are a lot of women at large music festivals and they all want to have fun. Have fun to win her over.


You will love a girl who dresses well and frequents the malls. Saturday mornings are the best time to be with your friends.


I know of a girl who said “I would really love for a man to approach me while running.” This surprised me. She does like to run and would love to meet someone who also enjoys running. You runners know what to do…

But, women can do all kinds of things in parks.


Beautiful bikini-clad women are a common sight on sunny beaches. Most men are too scared to approach a bikini-clad girl.


Even if your not in college, this is my favorite place for meeting women. Because there are many young, educated women eager to meet and have fun. You can simply visit your university, take a walk, or visit a cafe on campus to strike up conversations.

You might be worried that she will ask why you are here. They almost never ask. Tell her that you’re going for a walk or that you enjoy the coffee shop. If it is true, tell her. You can also be open and admit that you don’t like women in bars or clubs, as they tend to be too drunk and sloppy. It’s amazing how many women love this answer.


You can join meetups or other organizations that interest you, such as wine or hiking meetup groups. It’s easy to find women who share your interests so that you can make connections and have something to discuss. You can also attend classes or seminars that interest you. It’s a popular choice for women to attend personal development workshops such as Millionaire Mind Intensive or PSI. The women are often more interested than the men.


What if you’re really into something other than MMA fighting or video games?

Even if you’re not in your preferred environment, such as a street vendor, if you see a woman walking down the street and you’re curious about her interests, don’t be afraid to approach her. Grab every opportunity!

How can you begin a conversation in each one of these situations?

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