Classified Ads Craigslist Replacement for Escorts, Daters, Platonic Friends, Jobs Searches & More – Doublelist Review

Craigslist refugees have scrounge replacements to make their homes. Some of these places are Locanto and Switter (the sex version of Twitter). Doublelist is the one standing at the top of that list, replacing the defunct CL personals section after it got seized by the US federal government.

Where must daters, platonic friends, and escorts looking for companionship go? The answer depends on many factors because people say that sites like Bedpage are allegedly run by the feds. However, Double list offers a clean, new, safe haven for users who want to meet someone for fun or potentially to have sex.

If Doublelist is not for you, then you have alternatives to choose:

Adult Friend Finder a site for casual sex
Ashley Madison a hookup site for affairs
Seeking for sugar babies

Double List Features

  • Classified ads like Craigslist
  • The latest posts are the first ones you will see
  • Direct emails to the posters to send a reply (photos are optional)
  • Hookup messages sorted by the major cities in the USA and a few different countries Pros

  • One of the easiest casual encounters alternatives to use today
  • Free to create posts of personal ads
  • Mostly for dating and hooking up that might turn into sex
  • A lot of posts each day
  • Straightforward, no-frills, and better sexual service than Craigslist replacements

Double list Review Cons

  • Website is like a flat surface. There is no depth
  • Server doesn’t seem secure. Have me asking does Doublellist work properly?
  • Not good for making friends
  • Not as popular as Craigslist
  • Does not have a tab to choose a US state
  • No pictures on the majority of posts
  • Getting blocked is easy
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Check out Doublelist’s Simplicity is the most simple erotic classified ads site to use for now. Signing up, signing in, and logging off is a breeze. It’s not as complicated as other sites like Craigslist. All the information you need to know is right there on one page, so it takes no effort for anyone to learn to use Doublelist.

The Main Account Profile Verifications

The only data you need to create an account is an email address and a unique password. Photos are optional. Most of the posts don’t have any photos, though, so anyone could be on the other side of that computer typing to you which presents some risks.

One required piece of information to full account creation is a phone number. But the mobile number cannot connect to a Vi-OP service like Google Voice, Text App, or Skype, which is the case even if the telephone number is local. The system will recognize the Vi-OP number and prevent sign up.

You Can’t See the Other Person

If you have ever called a partyline or met someone from Tinder, then you are already familiar with the frustration after preparing your body for two whole hours thinking Ally McBeal will show up at that door but instead you see a Spongebob. I apologize for getting emotional and judgmental, but meeting people who look like that is an undeniable reality when using these different dating services online. People are deceptive.

Doublelist does not require a photo to open those golden doors, and this unlocked entry allows scammers to post fake pictures. They could say and do anything to get money, affection, or just a conversation out of you with no plans of meeting. It will take some effort on your part to persuade the other person to get on live webcam, so you can see how they look, to make sure they are who they say they are before the meeting.

Creating an Account to Sign-Up Online

Doublelist com encourages new users to create a fun username that will catch other users’ attention. The name should be something that stands out like ‘hugecockondeck’. You get me?

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Does Doublelist Have an App?

Doublelist, unfortunately, does not have a mobile app for now. I have rummaged for it on Google Play and iTunes and could not find nada. Doublelist is one of those classified ads services to use from the browser on your mobile device.

Searchable Sexual Orientations

There are only basic sexual orientations to choose on Doubelist. Fetlife has a bunch of them. But the basic ones here are male, female, couples, and trans. You have to force yourself in one of those categories if you identify as something else. The dating option for these types of people vary, which includes casual, fetish, fun, dating, kink, friendship. If you consider yourself part of an alternative gender or sexual orientation, you will likely find a similar companion.

Friendships Likely Won’t Materialize

Let’s be honest. This website attracts all the escorts, bonafide hoes, freak deekys, and anything else you can think of to the yard. Those people are likely looking for hardcore sex and maybe some friendship communications.

But let’s cut the BS – Doublelist stated that you cannot mention sex work in your post, but I’m sorry to break the news…that is in the back of everyone’s mind. If you come here looking for friendship, you might be greatly disappointed, or even tricked into a casual situation with a meanie who wants to bone that sweet little bootie tonight.

Take some time to look at this post I found in the Atlanta section of a guy looking for “a friend to smoke with” and “play video games” together. You can tell he wants more than what meets the naked eye. And I mean, NAKED eye.

Just reflect for a moment, this sort of trickery goes on in Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, Phoenix, New York and beyond the US borders. However, there are some people genuinely looking for friends, though – but it always leads to sex-related thoughts.

I’m not saying that you cannot find friendship. Because of the nature of the website the likelihood is super low.

Locations Around the World

Posts locations are all around the United States in most major cities. So that means people living in the suburban outskirts and rural counties might feel left out. The international cities in the United Kingdom, Canada, England, Netherlands have even fewer cities, but a sufficient amount of posts.

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Age Verification

There is an age verifier with warnings about not allowing sex work ads or drug selling on the site. This type of stuff can get your post banned. However, there are some users claiming they got banned for absolutely nothing.

Finding Jobs on Doublelist

There is a section for users looking for employment. Not sex employment neither. Within the same segment are postings to sell and buy random items. Currently, it is not up and running, but will be ready soon. We can already imagine what type of ‘jobs’ posted there. At least Doublelist is attempting to offer more than just dating services. 

People Who Might Find Doublelist’s Personals Ads Unhelpful

Suburbanites and rural dwellers who live far from the major cities might need to stay off Doublelist, unless they are brave enough and open-minded enough to get off their butts and travel far to meet someone. People who are timid, afraid, or just don’t like to travel to major cities might not like, but they could have someone come to their home if that option is open. Adult Friend Finder might be a better alternative to find someone in your town.

Sex Education

The unique part of the website is Sex Education. Most others don’t have this. Some of the titles include:

  • How to find out if your partner is bisexual
  • How to give a rim job

Next to each title is the number of views and the number of people who liked the post. You can actually learn some new things in this section about sex.

Take a Sexual Personality Quiz to Learn More About Your Freaky Side

If you have ever wondered how freaky you are, the answer might lie in taking a simple sexual personality quiz. The questions ask about your turn-ons. A sexual personality result generates when you submit the quiz results. There are multiple quizzes on various sexual subjects. This specific section provides a fun way to do something and discover more about yourself.

Doublelist Reviews Sex List Reviews Pics

Final Statement About Doublelist Website

The doublelist website is cool. Easy to use. Best for posting to sift out interested parties in major cities. Also, useful for hiding your identity. Doublelist is a right place for fantasy talk and fulfilling the rush of meeting someone you don’t know.

Other Options Exist

You can find daters on these sites:

  • Adult Friend Finder a site for casual sex
  • Ashley Madison a hookup site for affairs
  • Seeking for sugar babies