Craigslist Sex Personals Replacement: The Top Alternatives For Casual Encounters

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Craigslist Sex Personals Replacement

  1. Adult Friend Finder (Hookup and Dating)
  2. Ashley Madison ( Personal Hookup and Dating)
  3. Passion (Hookup and Dating)
  4. No String Attached (Hookup and Dating)
  5. Adult Sex Finder (Hookup and Dating)
  6. Cams (Chatting Online)
  7. Horny Dating
  8. Swap Finder
  9. E Z Dating

Craigslist Personals Replacement

Some men like to enhance every aspect of their adult entertaining activities and seek every chance to get the backpage alternative sites to fuck as wild as possible every night. They do not prefer the drunken sex as it is a messy and sloppy disaster. Many men feel comfortable and backpage replacement site confident to have sex when they drunk.  However, they are unable to hit the right spots with their genitals and keep the entire rhythm when they switch from backpage alternative websites one sex position to another one. They may forget to use the condom and unable to get 100% sexual satisfaction. They have to avoid excessive drinking when they have a plan for hookup tonight.

In this post, you’ll discover the best craigslist personals replacements for getting laid like we did back in the good ol’ days, before the shut down of casual encounters in 2018.  

Welcome to the world’s best site for people in relationships seeking only casual encounters.

Yes, we are different. We cater to people only seeking casual, intimate or short-term relationship.

Whatever your reason, we fully understand and can help. You may not want to end current relationship or not ready to enter into a relationship. Or just want to have fun since life is short. You have come to the perfect place. Here you can easily meet many like-minded people.

Sex Personals

Many men do not know craigslist personals alternative how to act and react when they meet the hot women at the first time. They have to concentrate craigslist personals replacement on and improve their eye contact with the woman they meet every time. This is because too much emphasis on sex during the conversation and eager beaver lead to an unfavourable end result. As a man with an eagerness to encourage a hot woman to sleep with tonight, you have to enhance her comfort level with you and improve the confidence level to casual encounter sleep with you for one night stands or regular sex to become your sex buddy. You can take the lead and avoid obvious red flag phases. Do not forget to remove the evidence of other girls in your sex personals.

Free Sex Sites with No Strings Attached

You can find plenty of sex websites online that will give you no strings attached sex, where you don’t pay the lady, but you may have to pay to use the local hookups app. There is a lot of websites online that allow you to do this, making it easy for you to find casual encounters, that is priceless to pay. These hookup sites are all over the web, that’s why we have took the time to recommend a few sites for you.

Join and contact tens of thousands members anonymously now!

We’ve included both classifieds replacements, like Doublelist, as well as hookup sites, swinger sites, and M4M/gay apps like Grindr.

Best Alternatives List

We’re covering a lot of alternatives for you in this guide.  Here’s an overview of the sites we tested as part of our research.

  • Craigslist Activities
  • Adult Friend Finder
  • Grindr (M4M)
  • FetLife
  • Reddit R4R
  • Locanto
  • 420Classified (Canada)
  • Kijiji (Canada)
  • Tinder
  • Ashley Madison
  • Want Ad Digest
  • Free Hookup Search
  • Oodle
  • Bumble
  • Blued (M4M)
  • Bedpage
  • (Escorts)
  • OkCupid

Why would I use a website to find free sex?

Generally, for men, finding casual sex can be difficult if you don’t know where to look. Women usually don’t want to have no strings attached sex. These free adult hookup sites make a list of the women who want this type of Domina Jade for you to find them.

For these women, they get to easily pick through a sex hookup Love Complete pool of men to find the perfect man that fits her preference to get laid. This means you can easily find your fix of women without actually leaving your home – all from your phone or computer to arrange a date!

Reviews of The Top 10 Personals Replacements

Let’s count down the top ten craigslist personals alternatives from #10 to #1.  All ten of these are good and have gotten me similar results to craigslist personals.

Some alternatives, like Grindr, are gay only and i’ve marked them as M4M (male for male).

Why Did They Take Craigslist Personals Down Anyway

Craigslist made the decision to take down personals after the government passed a law called FOSTA – SESTA.  This law now requires all sites to moderate their ads and holds them responsible for any illegal sex trafficking done on their platforms.  So if someone used craigslist personals to sell an underage person as a prostitute, Craigslist themselves would be charged with prostitution and face the legal consequences.  Obviously this is not something that they wanted to deal with and they don’t have the staff to moderate millions of new online ads a day, so instead they decided to shut the casual encounters section down.

And they aren’t the only ones.  Many of the best sex dating sites across the internet are now returning 404s as they pull the plug and go out of business.  The only legal sites are ones that don’t have an ad posting format such as dating sites like tinder, AFF, and other alternatives listed above.  These sites require you to give over your full name and identification which makes them not liable in the case of sex trafficking stuff.  In my opinion there is nothing stopping sex traffickers from making a fake account to find people on tinder, etc.  Also, I think many of us would be just fine with using Craigslist Personals with an account, so some people are still trying to get Craigslist into an account system for posting new ads.

Bottom Line

What did you think of this list of craigslist personals alternatives?  Please leave a comment below if you have any other alternatives you would like me to add to the list!

Craigslist Activities – Easiest Personals Site to Use

The first place you should try posting is in Craigslist Activities on the upper left corner of CL.  Many people just switched to posting their casual encounter ads in this section after personals was shut down.

You can’t post pictures here, so the biggest downside (or upside depending on who you talk to) is no more nudes.  You also can’t use as raunchy titles because the area is meant to be for anyone looking for a partner for anything, not just sex.  Sometimes people post ads for a band member or their gaming group, but it is very rare.  In most USA towns 95% of posts in Activities are now for sex.

Don’t worry that the section isn’t as porn-y as personals used to be.  Yes, it’s not as titillating to browse, but you still find just as many people, and once you swap emails and phone numbers you can pick up from there exactly like you were using craigslist personals again.

Also, certain cities haven’t quite made the switch to Activities as others.  So if your city doesn’t have an active personals section, consider trying some of the other top sex personals sites, below.

Reddit R4R – Best Free Casual Encounters

Reddit has different sub-reddits called R4R, which means redditor for redditor.  If you already have reddit it’s easy to post an add, but you can still browse ads, even if you don’t have an account.  You’ll find M4F,  F4M, M4M, and others.  There’s also no spam because each section has moderators.

The only tricky part about R4R is that you have to find ones for your city.  To help you out i’ve put together a list of R4Rs to help you get started.  Right now the biggest one is SoCal (southern california) which gets dozens of new posts everyday.

  • Southern California
  • Chicago
  • Boston
  • Seattle
  • Los Angeles
  • NYC
  • Portland
  • Denver
  • Florida
  • Austin TX

To find one for your city, just google ‘city name + r4r’.

The main downside of this craigslist personals replacement is that it only works for larger cities. If you live in a more medium sized city, try looking for your state’s R4R, or posting in the nearest large city to you.

Fetlife Classifieds

Did you know that Fetlife has a classifieds section?  It’s like craigslist personals, but with an even kinkier crowd.

Browsing their listings you’ll see personal ads full of whips, chains, and leather.  Slaves post ads seeking masters, ‘hunters’ post ads seeking ‘prey’, and ‘riggers’ post ads looking for ‘rope bunnies’.  If the idea of that sends curious tingles up your spine, then this would be a craigslist personals replacement worth trying.

One of my pet peeves about this alternative is that it works kind of like facebook groups.  So you have to have a profile and register to use it.  The groups are created by users, the biggest one is called ‘Classified’ and has about 140,000 followers.  The problem with this is that it’s something everyone in the world sees, so it can be tricky to find people locally.  If you are in a big city like San Francisco, they have a classified group for hookups and casual sex dedicated just for that area.

Adult Friend Finder

Adult friend finder is the biggest online community for casual sex and no string relationships. Like Craigslist personals,  you’ll see personals ads in your newsfeed with pics or just descriptions of hookups people are looking for.

Personally, this is the site I have had the most success with after the shutdown.  It is the most similar site like craigslist personals when it comes to results.

Many of the people I meet with on AFF were regular CL users back in the day.  Usually we agree AFF isn’t perfect, but it gets the job done and has some cool features like cam-to-cam chatting, voice chat, forums, profiles, and your own blog.


Some people used craigslist personals to find escorts, after all, that’s one of the main reason the took it down–they didn’t want to get busted like backpage did.

If you prefer escorts as a way to get sex, then is a good place to search.  It’s like a mix between twitter and craigslist personals.  Different escorts, aka providers, have accounts on the site where they post to their feed.  You can follow them and see when they post rates, or even just post about their day.  This makes it a unique alternative, you can actually follow and keep up with the day to day activity of your favorite sex workers.

Once you create an account, go to and put in your city’s name.  You’ll be shown all the hookup opportunities near you and how much it will cost.  Rates vary from $100 an hour to $600 an hour at the most expensive.  You get what you pay for though, and switter is home to some of the most attractive women and sex workers.


Locanto has been around as long as craigslist personals, but they were always second best in the classifieds game.  Now that craigslist took down their casual encounters section, they’ve handed the their personals business to Locanto on a golden platter.

To search for casual encounters near you, use the search bar to enter your city’s name.  From here you will see the same categories as craigslist personals.  Pick your favorite: women looking for men, M4M, trans, fetish, couples, etc.

Each ad shows the location of the poster, their age, a headline, and then the body of their ad.  People also have the option to post some sexy pictures.  This is one of the things I loved about personals, so it’s good to see it still exists on Locanto.

Even though it works like craigslist, Locanto doesn’t have as many people as personals still.  Another pet peeve I have is the ads they sneak into the actual listings, they do label them as ‘sponsored’ in the corner, but other than that they look like real ads, and can be a bit annoying.

Grindr – M4M, (Best Gay Personals)

If you loved the M4M section of craigslist personals, then Grindr is a good gay alternative to check out.  It works for gay casual encounters only, kind of Tinder, but just for gay sex.  Like Tinder, it’s also free and easy to use.

It’s a very visual personals alternative.  It will automatically use your location to show you guys near you in a grid you can scroll through.  It shows each guys’ profile picture so you can quickly tell if it’s someone you want to chat up.  If you do like them, just message them and wait for a reply.  One trick is to message people who are currently online, shown by the green light on their profile picture.  The owner says that at any given time there are 300,000 people using the Grindr app. – Similar Site To Craigslist Personals

This was one of Craigslist’s main competitors and a popular alternative I used to use.  When Sesta was announced and Craigslist took down its personal ads, i’m sure the owners of Doublelist were jumping for joy.  They have a unique system for a classified site: they require you to create an account and verify it with your phone number.  This is light-years ahead of what anyone else is doing online right now.  By having an account and making the ads private they bypass the SESTA law and essentially make the world’s best craigslist personals replacement.

The obvious downside is that is kind of annoying to have to put your phone number in to make an account, but hey, it beats running into spam and having to pay.

The community on the site is a lot like craigslist personals.  You post ads, with or without pictures, and then people reply and you can reply in turn.  You can include your phone number, where you live locally, and any other details about what you are looking for in a date is meant to be like craigslist personals, but ‘for kinksters by kinksters’.   It’s a good place to search for casual encounters if you want something more than just vanilla sex.

For casual encounters near you, try searching by city.  Then narrow down your search even more by using the fetish categories.  If you love feet fetishes, bondage, or ABF, then this is a great site to add to your bookmarks bar.

Craigslist Personals Substitutes For Gay and M4M

In addition to the sites above like Adult Friend Finder and Reddit, there are some good gay-only alternatives to craigslist personals.  If I had to make a rough guess, I would say that about 50% of all sex listings on Craigslist Personals were for non-straight sex.

  • Grindr App
  • Blued App
  • Doublelist M4M section
  • Adult Friend Finder M4M Listings

If You Love M4M, Use Grindr Instead of Craigslist

If you only want to find male for male casual encounters, then Grindr should have been what you were using anyways, why are we having this talk now!

But seriously you can see pictures of people that live in your local area, you can see people’s pictures, and match with other gay singles.  Plus it’s all free, it’s about as perfect as it gets for a gay hookup website / app.  The downside with a free service is that there can be the occasional spam that is not an actual person and is just a fake account trying to get you to view their webcam or something fishy.