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Here are 20 tips for local sex and hookups.

You know there are rules to be followed if you’re looking for a local fuck friend or have been one in the past. They might not be obvious to you. It’s important to get some help from people who have been there and done it. They are experts and will help you. To help you figure out how to maintain strong relationships, we asked regular sex friends.

Don’t Text at Midnight

“If there is one thing that a fuck friend should know, it’s that texting at night is not a good idea. Your local sex buddy may prefer to keep it private. Talk only when it’s safe.

Margaret (47) and Bret (19).
Don’t Be Boring

“I don’t need my fuck friend sex to be boring like my relationship sex. There is a reason why I don’t date anyone!

Darren (34) Michaela (31)

Don’t go Blabbing

“Look, I’m going be open. I don’t want anyone knowing what I’m up to with my local sex buddies. It’s embarrassing, humiliating, and should be kept between us.

Fred (33) & Nina (18).

Do not expect empathy

“I have a very busy life, so I don’t have the time to be with someone. I want to have fun as much as possible. When I’m feeling horny, the last thing I need to hear is someone crying on my shoulders.”

Brenda (29), and Matt (31)

Do not ask for consent

“Nothing makes me more angry than someone who stops everything to ask me if I’m okay. We don’t have a lot of time together, and I just want play. You can do what you like, and I will stop you if I tell you to. It’s that easy.

Dianne (48), and Mike (21)

Do not kiss them in public

“What you do together with your fuck friend is between you and them. You might not want the rest of the world to see that you’re having sex. It could even ruin their lives if they are exposed to the wrong people. Do not publicly show your affection to them.

Michelle (36) & Ashly (18).

Do not ask to stay the night

“If you are just starting to hook up with someone locally, you don’t need to ask if you can spend the night. You can’t. You can’t. Just pack your stuff and head home. It’s the best.

April (19) and Daniel (34)

Do not be afraid to follow the direction

It’s fine to ask someone you are interested in hooking up with if they don’t know you. It’s worse than floundering and not accomplishing anything.

Kenneth (29) & Becky (28)

Make sure you clean up before you start

“Haggling is an art. You want to have fun before you get to work. Make sure to bring some baby wipes if you plan on going out dancing. It will be a mutual benefit if you both get clean before you go out.

Sandi (23) & Debbie (21)

Respect each other’s privacy

You never know what your local sex friend is up to at home. Respect their privacy. What will you do if you discover they are married with four children? What does this mean for the type of sex that you will have? It won’t. Keep your business in mind.”

Kathy (36) & Steve (23)

Do not buy gifts for each other

Remember that you are just hooking up with one another. You’re not giving gifts to each other. You won’t be able to surprise them on Valentine’s Day.

Ryan (38) & Jen (18)

Do not pretend to like

If you are just having a great time, then you shouldn’t pretend to be anything. Do not pretend to like things in order to impress your friend. It will only lead to you wasting your time and not enjoying what you do.

Stephanie (19), and Josh (43)

Get horny with

“It’s the best thing you can do to make sure you are compatible with people you want to hook up with. Live sex, and be naturally horny. You shouldn’t be sexy with someone you don’t enjoy doing.

Marion (48), and Ben (18).

Establish your boundaries early

You don’t need to be a fetishist in order to understand what a safe word means. Let your sex buddy know if there is something you aren’t willing to do, or that you don’t like. It’s not fair for your local sex friend to try to get you to do something, only to discover that they have no interest in it.

Megan (24) & Jerry (25)

You can only get together when you have fun

“If you believe that it’s OK to have sex with your fling when there’s a problem, you are wrong. Your sex partner doesn’t have to care for your emotions. You’re there to have fun and that’s all. You should only be in sex mode. They owe you a favor by agreeing to share your orgasms.

Vivian (29) & Jenna (21)

Get ready to explore

It shouldn’t be said that hooking with someone should not be a stressful experience. This means you need to be open to trying new things in order to keep it exciting. All the boring sex can be saved for when you are married to someone else.

Joseph (33) & Candice (31)

Make your fetishes known

You must let your local fuck buddy know if you really need something to have orgasm. It doesn’t really matter what it is. It is better to be prepared than to have your friend ask you to shove some up their butts and name them while they mutilate at the end.

Shelly (18), and Frank (47)

Have fun

“You are hooking up because you want to have fun with them. You don’t have to ruin it by refusing enjoyment. Be happy you’re having fun, and that’s it.

Sheena (37) Don (39)

Do not treat them as your partner

The number one rule to making a casual relationship work is to ensure that it doesn’t become a serious relationship. This is impossible. Have fun, and then talk when you feel the need to hook up. It’s that easy.

Hank (28) & Jennifer (26)

More than one

You need to have at least one person in your local sex relationships. You shouldn’t depend on one person to meet all your needs. If you want things to be casual, that’s dangerous. You can have sex only with a few and then go after the ones you like.

Bo (38) & Melissa (19)