Best Sex Hookup Site – Is Adult Friend Finder legit or a scam?

AdultFriendFinder: Is it a scam or real? When I sign up for a new site, this is the first question that I ask. I want to meet real people, not waste my time talking to bots.

The best dating and sex websites where people are having fun:

  1. Adult Friend Finder (Hookup and Dating)
  2. Ashley Madison ( Personal Hookup and Dating)
  3. Passion (Sex Hookup and Dating)
  4. No String Attached (Hookup and Dating)
  5. Adult Sex Finder (Casual Sex Dating)
  6. Cams ( Sex Chatting Online)
  7. Horny Dating
  8. Swap Finder
  9. E Z Dating

Gather round kids, because here’s the tea: Thanks to AdultFriendFinder, I now have two stable friends-with-benefits who I see on a regular basis. Both of them are sweet and open-minded. These women have allowed me to try new things in my bedroom.

AdultFriendFinder isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. To give it a test drive, I purchased a premium membership. There were some things I had to be aware of.

This review will tell you all about AdultFriendFinder and whether it is worth signing up.

I have broken down the pros and cons for those who don’t wish to read the entire review. Continue reading for more information!


  • There are many users.
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Register now for a free account
  • It isn’t bad for the price.
  • Fetishes and kinks are all welcome.
  • People are willing to meet up and are eager to have a good time.
  • There are many locals, regardless of where you live, because there is a large user base.
  • Users are very open-minded.
  • Even among fake profiles, you will find someone who is interested in hanging out with you immediately.
  • The app version can be accessed on your mobile divide.


  • There are bots, fakes and inactive profiles.
  • There are many ads.
  • The free version won’t offer much.
  • Some pages can be redirected to other companies.
  • Many users are not easy on the eyes.
  • In 2015, there was a security breach. It has since been fixed.
  • Some claim that it was more efficient when it first launched.

Okay, let’s get to the actual review…

What’s a Free AdultFriendFinder Membership?

You won’t be able hook up with anyone if you register for a free account. AdultFriendFinder is more than a hookup site. There are still many things you can do.

You can also join adult chat rooms and watch live sexcam girls. AdultFriendFinder does not offer any additional features. They will only direct you to another website.

You can also receive messages as a free member to get a better understanding of the site. You can find out who is online and who lives near you, as well as who the hottest AdultFriendFinder members are. You can also access detailed information about each member’s profile, and refine your search using the gender and age filters.

I was able to access the site for one hour, and received some messages. The majority of the messages were not sent by hot women. It’s not surprising that there are not many supermodels among the 80 million users. I am not a big fan of looking, however. A DTF woman is better than one who isn’t, but is still walking down the runway. AdultFriendFinder is able to deliver on this promise.

There were some profiles that caught my attention. I was greeted with messages such as, “All that I need is a nice bang, and I’ll go on my way.” I upgraded my membership to be able to reply.

What’s a Gold Membership like?

Yes, I did go Gold. Many of my friends said it was a great idea, as they found hookups on the site. Because it was the best value, I purchased the whole year. It costs only $14.95 per monthly, or $0.50 per day. It costs less than a cup o’ joe, but it is totally worth it. AdultFriendFinder does not accept cryptocurrency or Paypal. Mastercard, Discover and Visa are all accepted. Here is the pricing breakdown

  • $14.95 per month for 12 Months or $180
  • $19.95 per month for six months, or $90
  • $24.95 per month

AdultFriendFinder’s membership program was the first thing I did. I was connected to hundreds of women online who wanted action and were near me. They weren’t all beautiful, but that’s okay with me. I began receiving messages almost immediately.

Others felt like bots. If they speak strangely or don’t respond quickly, you can tell if someone is a bot. Others were real women who wanted to make friends with strangers, and those were the ones I was inspired to emulate.

I am a very unique person. I like women with a big bust, thick eyes, and blue eyes. Okay, that’s not really the case. AdultFriendFinder offers a highly specific advanced search which makes it easy to find the right person for you. It can be used to search for couples or groups of people to meet up.

Here is a small sample of the detail you can achieve. . . And that’s just half.

After selecting the traits that turned me on, I began my hunt for the perfect friend-with-benefits. It might surprise you to learn that I am not a one-night stand type of guy. While casual sex is something I enjoy, don’t let me get ahead of myself. Because I enjoy being able to get really close with someone and trying out new sex, I prefer an ongoing sexual relationship. I hoped and prayed that AdultFriendFinder would grant me a compatible friend-with-benefits.

Guess what? In just a few days, I had two.

AdultFriendFinder to Actually Hook up

Let me tell you what happened. I received a lot of messages from horny people who didn’t really turn me on. Some swingers were also included, but it wasn’t enough to make me sweat. I was stunned when Jessica sent me a message.

Before I was able to meet with Jessica, I saw another blue-eyed beauty called Whitegirldtfsum1. Spoiler alert: We hooked up the next day, after Jessica and I had sex.

Now, I see Jessica and Whitegirldtfsum1 often. I am working to get them in bed together. Fingers crossed!

Is it Legit?

It’s not surprising that many people on the Internet call AdultFriendFinder a fraud. There will be many unhappy customers with the millions of members and new members joining every minute. Many people don’t know how to use AdultFriendFinder to find a partner or what to do if they are scammed.

There are some skepticisms, and there are some who use AdultFriendFinder to make their own sick plans. If you’re smart, you can get laid on the site. AdultFriendFinder isn’t the ultimate hookup site, but it’s close.

These are the top tips to get the most from AdultFriendFinder

  • Beware of Scammers: There are always people looking for your information or money on the Internet. They will attempt to exploit you when you’re most vulnerable. . . Like looking for a hookup. AdultFriendFinder is not a place to give out personal information. They don’t need it – unless they’re trying to scam you! They are likely trying to scam you if a match says the following:
  • “I need money because I am sick.”
  • “I have legal problems, can you help?”
  • “I have a lot of money in a safe account overseas, but I need some money to get it out.”
  • “My friend has died, and I don’t know how to pay for his funeral.”
  • Beware of Bots: You’ll be surrounded by a lot bots when you sign up for AdultFriendFinder. These bots are easy to spot, but you should avoid them. They are a complete waste of your time. They’ll send you a generic opening like “Hey bigboy, looking for fun?” This might sound appealing, but it’s not worth entertaining.
  • Dead Profiles:Dead profiles can be abandoned profiles or inactive profiles. AdultFriendFinder doesn’t have the ability to remove these profiles so be aware of this when you are looking for a hottie.
  • Do Not Click on Ads: There are advertisements on AdultFriendFinder. You’ll enjoy a smooth ride on AdultFriendFinder if you ignore them and don’t click on them.
  • You Know What You Want: AdultFriendFinder can help you find a hookup. AdultFriendFinder is best at hooking up two horny users. It’s easy to find a companion, partner, or quickie on the site because there are so many users.
  • Learn More About Catfishes: There are many people who use AdultFriendFinder. It’s impossible to tell who is catfishing and who isn’t. AdultFriendFinder requests photo verification. That’s awesome! People are smart. People can make themselves appear more attractive through photoshop or photo theft. AdultFriendFinder users are not all supermodels, but we’ll be open about it. These are common on every dating site or hookup app. Be aware that adult dating sites such as these may hire staff to model for them. Another form of catfish. AdultFriendFinder used to be able to do this, but they now have so many users they don’t need to. These are the ways you can tell if someone is catfish.
  • They won’t videochat
  • They are photos of different people
  • The photos are either faked or photoshopped.
  • Learn Who the Models Are on AdultFriendFinder: If you are looking for a model, visit the Live-Action section! Here you can see hot models in action using their webcams.

Is AdultFriendFinder safe?

Back in 2015, AdultFriendFinder got into some trouble due to a large data breach. Since 2015, they have implemented the most secure security systems available and have had no privacy or security problems since then. AdultFriendFinder, in response to the 2015 security breach, has taken every precaution to ensure that it is one of the most secure and secure sites for hooking up. They have implemented the most secure encryption systems.

Last Thoughts on AdultFriendFinder

The truth is that no hookup site is perfect. AdultFriendFinder is close to being perfect, but it’s not quite there. There are ads and bots. But the users aren’t all smoking machines. AdultFriendFinder is a great hookup site because it works! It’s also quick and easy. For me, the Gold membership is worth 2 per day. AdultFriendFinder brings me a casual hookup session which reminds me of this.

What is The Live-Action Section?

AdultFriendFinder’s Live-Action section is great fun but won’t get you laid. This section is for models looking to get paid by you so they can buy a Chanel bag, or pay off their student loans. You can get the attention of many of these models without having to fight through tons of horny users. However, they won’t be able to meet you.

You have no chance of meeting these models face-to-face if you don’t follow their social media pages. It’s easy as most models have their social media pages listed right on the page. You don’t have to be a complete ogre to try your luck.

The Live-Action section doesn’t discriminate either. The section allows you to view trans and gender-queer people as well as couples, threesomes, single sessions, and others. These shows are very high quality and have a great set.

Webcam models are generally interested in being paid but also enjoy being pampered. You can get webcam models to do all kinds of seductive acts if you play your cards well. It’s worth it to pay the webcam model. It’s a great way to make your skillsets shine and work harder.

How to Use AdultFriendFinder to Find a Hookup

Finding the Right Partner on AFF:

AdultFriendFinder will guide you through a series questions to help you assess your personality and match with you. This membership is ideal for short-term hookups as well as long-term partners. You can then make choices about who you prefer as a partner. You can save a lot of time by narrowing down the number of people who use AdultFriendFinder. So that you don’t have to spend money on gas or buy a ticket to see profiles of people who live near you, AdultFriendFinder will show you profiles of those nearby.

AdultFriendFinder offers a Purity Test. This test will determine how “pure” or “prude” you are. Although it may seem like a lot, this test will allow you to determine how far you have gone sexually and what your goals are. This will allow you to find people who can satisfy your sexual desires.

Here are some tips for adult dating:

A good conversation starter is the first step in your hookup journey. You might not know what topic to discuss, so take a look to our infographic to help you decide what to talk about to get someone in bed with you. Be patient and not too creepy. You need to strike a balance between casual and sexual. AdultFriendFinder has icebreaker messages and virtual gifts that can be used to help you get comfortable with the conversation. These gifts can be anything from emojis and real gifts.

How to meet in person:

So you finally found someone who doesn’t look like a gremlin or is horny and has a personality that doesn’t resemble stale toast. Congratulations! You now need to master the first date or first meetup. These are the must-haves for a first meetup.